This fascinating micrometeorite could be the original ombre

Allow me to introduce you to NMM 2786!

Measuring 0.3 mm, which is quite average, this fantastic little micrometeorite was found on the roof of a school in my neighborhood. It is a cryptocrystalline (CC) type, consisting mainly of olivine (forsterite) crystals.

In the front (facing up) is a rusty iron bead. Observe how the bead has drained the surrounding crystal of iron, causing a gradient or ombre effect. Opposite, nearer the back (facing down) is a smaller secondary bead. This smaller bead has a higher concentration of nickel and shows no signs of rust.

I’ve seen many metal beads before, but this delightful aerodynamic micrometeorite is quite unique because of the rust on the primary bead.

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Yours truly,

Jon Larsen

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