OLIVE GREEN barred olivine micrometeorite breaks the mould

Today I have another fascinating and rare micrometeorite for you! NMM 2046 is a barred olivine (BO) type particle that also has some characteristics common to cryptocrystalline (CC) type micrometeorites.

Its unusual feature is its color. Most barred olivine particles are black or grey, whereas this rare beauty is olive green! To be honest, I’m not sure of the reason; Perhaps it was caused by extra oxidation due to a low atmospheric entry angle? Or simply that the precursor stone was low in iron? It could also be that the iron drained into the two sulfur-rimmed metal beads?

In any case, this fantastic micrometeorite is an extraterrestrial beauty! After collecting nearly 3500 micrometeorites, the variation never ceases to amaze me.

What about micrometeorites do you enjoy most? The beauty? The cosmic perspective? The science? The adventure?

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Yours truly,

Jon Larsen

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