Nothing is common about this barred olivine micrometeorite

Though there are many different types of micrometeorites, barred olivine (BO) type micrometeorites are found at a much higher frequency than any other. Many consider them common, but numerous of our BO type particles rank highly among our favorites because of their other-worldly beauty.

As you can see in this classic 0.3 mm BO-type micrometoerite, NMM 1380, its surface features characteristic stripes composed of parallel plate crystals with varying orientations. When bathed in light, these beautiful crystals seem to glimmer in shades of both silver and gold, which contrasts spectacularly with the cold, cosmic grey tone of the overall particle.

But, are barred olivine micrometeorites genuinely more common than other types? Possibly. However, there is another potential explanation: Perhaps they are found at a greater frequency because they are one of the easiest micrometeorites to identify under a microscope.

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