This micrometeorite is *not* cosmic bowling ball material

There is a widespread misconception that micrometeorites are spheric metal balls; They are not. Most micrometeorites are aerodynamic particles made of reasonably delicate material. Take, for example, this wonderful specimen featuring beautiful openings that seem somewhat reminiscent of a (very tiny) cosmic bowling ball.

NMM 2813 is a porphyritic olivine (PO) type micrometeorite measuring approximately 0.3 mm that is composed mainly of clear olivine crystals embedded in slightly brownish glass. The stone is hollow with several large vesicle openings through the surface. It has no visible metal, sulfide or magnetite crystals.

Given its delicate features, would you take it to galactic bowling club?

Jon Larsen and Jan Braly Kihle present a detail image of Project Stardust micrometeorite NMM 2813
This detail image displays the open vesicles of porphyritic olivine micrometeorite, NMM 2813. © Project Stardust, 2022.

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