Enigmatic NMM 646 is crowned with a large nickel-iron bead.

With so many gorgeous micrometeorites, it was difficult to select just one to feature on the poster for our upcoming photo exhibition, “Space Rocks” at Biorama Projekt in Germany. We ultimately decided to use the enigmatic NMM 646; A brown cryptocrystalline (CC) type micrometeorite that is crowned with a large nickel-iron bead.

Jon Larsen and Jan Braly Kihle present a Project Stardust photo exhibition called Space Rocks
See Jon Larsen and Jan Braly Kihle’s micrometeorites at a photo exhibition in Germany. © Project Stardust, 2022.

The unusual brownish color is due to traces of the iron cation, Fe3+. Our favorite feature, however, has to be the beautiful pyramidal olivine crystal domaines at the lower part of the stone. The stone is complete all around and has a directional orientation; the front is up in this photo by Jan Braly Kihle and me.

If you want to meet Jan Kihle, he’ll be at the grand opening of the exhibition at Biorama Projekt in Joachimsthal, outside Berlin in April. Though I won’t be able to attend the grand opening due to prior commitments at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, I’ll be doing a stardust lecture tour in Europe later this year.

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Jon Larsen

Scanning electron microscope image Project Stardust cryptocrystalline micrometeorite by Berit Løken Berg and Jon Larsen at the University of Oslo
Scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of cryptocrystalline micrometeorite by Berit Løken Berg and Project Stardust founder Jon Larsen at the University of Oslo. © Project Stardust, 2022.

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