New barred olivine micrometeorite features magnetite roses

NMM 3163 is a classic barred olivine (BO) type micrometeorite.

Note the characteristic stripy surface texture and the changing orientation of the crystal domains. In between the cracks there are huge magnetite crystals, known fondly as “Christmas trees” formations. See also the detail picture that feature fabulous magnetite roses.

Project Stardust micrometeorite NMM3163 collected and photographed by Jon Larsen and Jan Braly Kihle features beautiful olivine crystals with magnetite roses
NMM3163 features beautiful olivine crystals with magnetite roses. © Project Stardust, 2022.

This 0.4 mm cosmic gem was found last Friday, during Micrometeorite Field Search #1063 on the roof of an industrial building in Oslo, Norway.

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