A rare nickel rosette decorates this alluring micrometeorite

Meet Norwegian urban micrometeorite, NMM 3157; A porphyritic olivine (PO) type measuring approximately 0.3 mm. This new photo by Jan Braly Kihle and yours truly, displays all of NMM 3157’s juicy details. (Including a fabulous and very rare nickel rosette.)

The stone is black and vesicular with large shiny olivine crystals composed of forsterite. Looking between the crystals, there are huge magnetite “Christmas tree” crystals wedged into the abundant glass. Sprinkled over the surface are small nickel-iron sulfide rich beads, indicating this fresh stardust particle suffered a low peak temperature during atmospheric entry and frictional pulse heating.

The round feature on the surface in the center is a relatively rare nickel rosette. It is comprised of nickel oxide crystals growing from the periphery inwards, with a bead of nickel sulfide in the center.

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Yours truly,

Jon Larsen

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