Introducing Dr. Michel Maurette, micrometeorite researcher

Today I went searching for stardust in the backyard of astrophysicist Michel Maurette, in Canet, Catalunya!

Dr. Michel Maurette was the brilliant scientist who delivered some of the calculations that enabled NASA’s Apollo missions to land on the Moon. Following this monumental contribution to science and human space exploration, he discovered the first Antarctic micrometeorites!

His pupils, Cecile Engrand and Jean Duprat, are two of the leading scientists in the research on cosmic dust particles and micrometeorites today. Stay tuned for news about my meeting with Jean Duprat!

I can’t wait to share more updates about this ongoing field expedition and the exciting project I’m participating in! Please be sure to follow Project Stardust on Instagram and Twitter to receive live updates about this exciting adventure!

For now, here are some photos from today:

Project Stardust founder Jon Larsen showcases the method he uses to collect micrometeorites
The methodology is simple; All that is needed is a good magnet and a plastic bag. © Project Stardust, 2022.
Micrometeorite expert Jon Larsen displays the sample he collected during micrometeorite field search 1072
The yield from Micrometeorite Field Search #1072. © Project Stardust, 2022.
Something exciting is coming soon to Project Stardust
Working with a wonderful film crew today on a project titled “Stardust”. More updates coming soon! © Project Stardust, 2022.

Stardust in Perpignan, which — according to Salvador Dali — is the city at the center of the Universe!

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